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The land at Haad Salad


Haad Salad is located in the Northwest of Koh Phangan to the north lies Maehaad and Koh Maa and to the south lies Haad Yow. Haad Salad is five minutes from Chalokleam a growing village in the north of Koh Phangan and fifteen minutes to Thong Sala the main entry port and settlement on Koh Phangan.

Haad Salad is a secluded part of Koh Phangan as the main ring road does not pass through, however the one kilometer access road down to the beach is seventy five percent paved to date. Haad Salad is now home to a three star resort the Salad Beach Resort which has a great restaurant overlooking the bay, other bungalow operators serve authentic Thai food from restaurants along the beachfront.

The two head lands jut out leaving behind a curved sandy bay with shallow warm waters. The sand is fresh and white and the seasonal tides of Koh Phangan allow good swimming for two thirds of the year.

Every evening around seven o'clock The land at Haad Salad takes in the spectacular sunsets that entertain the west coast of Koh Phangan. As the sun goes down for another day the sky's light up in bright sharp colors which reflect down onto the ocean.

Site Masterplan

Site plan and prices cooming soon

Community Management

The mission at The Land at Haad Salad is to create a sustainable environment for its residents while providing a sound and secure investment which maximizes return through capital appreciation and annual rental. To accomplish this goal each purchaser will enter into the two agreements;

The agreements set out the conditions for the community and common areas of the development to be established and provide sensible guidelines for the behavior of the residents. Furthermore they introduce the management company that will oversee on-going services such as 24H security and insure maintenance provisions.

Such management and maintenance of the common areas will be controlled by the residents themselves, each land holder will be distributed in proportion to their land size an amount of shares in the residence management company. Every land owner will be on the board of directors of the Management Company and an annual election will elect the chairman. There will be no payroll for the directors or chairman and only a little administration work will be required by the chairman to fulfill the role. For the first year of the residence, Mr. Alex Kerss will hold the role of chairman and will continue after that until the board is established and competent to hold an election for the position.